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The Cuckoo Story...so far

The Cuckoo Bird

The Cuckoo Bird
"Maybe that's why you interest me so much," he said. "You're spirited."
"I am?"
"Why else would you follow people to a horrible fate?"
"I just wanted to be with them," said Anna.
"I've found that any animal given the chance of freedom picks that over loyalty," he said. "Unless, they're something special." Did he think she was something special? Or did he just enjoy breaking her in.

Where It All Begins
When her identity papers save her from death but not imprisonment in a Nazi Concentration camp, Anna Lehman is forced to navigate the camp's inner workings in the hopes she might be reunited with her young adoptive sister, Elli. Catching the eye of the sadistic Officer in charge of her work unit, Anna must struggle on through a sea of mind games and physical torment in the hopes she somehow survives. But when a ghost of her past offers her salvation and a chance to work in the army barracks of the camp, Anna learns the hard way that in this totalitarian state, no one is truly free.

What I’m Currently Working On

Balancing life between completing my Masters in Creative Writing, finishing my first trilogy - The Cuckoo Story, and living my cosy autumnal dream with my hubby. Oh, and also working on my second trilogy because who wants to wait for stories?! Keep your eyes peeled!

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